Thursday, 5 June 2008

Welcome to Broadgate is Great

This is a blog that will keep everyone up to date with what is happening in Broadgate and the work of the Broadgate Residents Action Group. It will also give Broadgate people a voice, a place where they can speak about the issues that affect their lives.

Broadgate stretches from the Continental Pub, all the way to the docks including Hartington Road and Marsh Lane, and up Fishergate Hill to County Hall. All kinds of wonderful people live here. It's a place people stay once they've found it.

As Broadgate people, we need to find ways to cooperate, to face the many challenges that affect our community.

We need to start caring about each other, and about our environment, and rebuild and strengthen our community.

Broadgate means everyone in Broadgate, no matter where you started out, no matter what your colour or creed, no matter whether you are young or old.

Let's find ways to live together and make our area the best place to live in Preston.

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