Monday, 23 June 2008

What Do You Like Best About Broadgate?

There's lots to like about Broadgate. At it's best, it's a peaceful leafy enclave between the city, the River Ribble and Avenham Park. It's so convenient for a quick hop on the bus up to town, or an energising stroll up Fishergate Hill, or alternatively to wander along the Ribble Banks, to admire the Ribble Steam Railway, the wildlife of the Ribble, and the beautiful countryside along it's southern bank.

Some of us like the housing, mainly traditional terraces that still hang on to a sense of community, and others like the people, from so many varied backgrounds that live here together, and most of the time get along just fine.

If you scroll to the bottom of the blog, you'll find a poll, where you can vote for the things YOU like best about Broadgate. Make sure you vote!


Steve Halliwell said...

Can I invite you to visit your link to The Preston Society which is a bird watching & natural history group which meets up the hill in Penwortham. Alternatively, go straight to our blog at

You will see that our Winter Programme of twenty two lectures begins at the end of September.

We also have a Summer Programme of Monday evening walks which anyone is welcome to join.

I will make it my business to have arrangements made for the summer of 2009 to include a walk or walks that would involve the members of the Broadgate and Ashton-on-Ribble communities.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

Steve Halliwell (Secretary)

Riversider said...

That sounds great Steve.

Let us know any details and we will publish them in full on the blog.