Thursday, 17 July 2008

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

What are you doing this Monday Night? (21st July 2008 at 7pm)

Perhaps you'd be interested in this wildlife walk organised by the Preston Birdwatching and Natural History Society?

Heres the message they sent to 'Broadgate is Great':

Would your readers be interested in a wildlife walk from the Tram Bridge, probably through the trees to Vernon's Lodge area, presumably part of the area that will constitute the new Country Park?

It's just one of our series of Monday evening ambles, but we'd be glad to see anyone who would like to come along with us - It's free. We'd be back by the river by 9.15pm at the latest, but anybody who needed an earlier finish could make their own way.

We leave promptly at 7pm, but we probably wouldn't take a lot of finding - we don't walk fast.

Hope to see you soon.

Steve Halliwell - Preston Bird Watching & Natural History Society.

Why not give it a go - what else is there to do on a Monday night?

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