Thursday, 9 April 2009

JuggleCon1 Avenham Park

Easter Monday is the day Prestonians traditionally head for Avenham Park to roll their eggs.

This time the event will be enhanced by "Jugglecon1" a self organised event by local people.

Here's what's happening:

* Juggling
* Circus (if you've got a Unicycle or anything Circusy please bring along)
* Food
* Games (please bring along anything you think we'd love)
* Fuzzies
* Easter Egg Rolling
* Fun!

According to 'Visit Preston'

The annual Egg Rolling or Easter Fair on 13th April 10am to 3pm dates back to Victorian times although its exact origins are a mystery. However, the tradition has continued to modern times and continues to capture the imagination of all generations.

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