Saturday, 25 April 2009

Penwortham Leisure Centre

The threat of closure to Penwortham Leisure Centre is one which Broadgate residents will take very seriously, as it is the easiest leisure centre to reach from our area, the others require at least two different buses to get to, and a long trip through Preston's usual state of traffic gridlock.

Last thursday night, a public meeting with over 400 people was held, with feelings running high. South Ribble Borough Council and Priory High School are failing to reach an agreement, and unless they can, a valuable community facility could be lost.

Ed Walker provides really excellent in depth coverage of the background to the issue, and of what was said at the public meeting over at 'Preston Blog', this is superb material which shows the very best of what local bloggers can achieve.

Click on the links below for the finest coverage of the Penwortham Leisure Centre dispute:

Public meeting called over leisure centred closure threat

The people's views

The council and the school state their positions

Let's support the people of Penwortham and the leisure centre workers in their campaign to keep this essential facility open, and hope that those in responsible positions feel enough hot breath on their necks to quickly work out a common sense way of delivering this.

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